New Upload features (August 2022)

Greetings !

We have updated the portal and added new Upload features !


(1) Browser Upload

You can now upload new tracks and metadata using your browser!

The Browser Upload is easy to use:

  • drag and drop your "master folder" to your browser
  • click the Upload button

The Browser Upload supports WAV and AIFF files.

Browser Upload Documentation


(2) Platform Link

You can now connect third party platforms to the CND platform using the website! Log into and click Platform Link. All you need is the (a) website URL and (b) API key (token) !


(3) API

Advanced users can can now upload from any commercial or custom platform to the CND Platform using our new API feature! Technically the API supports push (other platform uploads to or pull ( downloads from the other platform).


Legacy upload features (FTP)

The new Browser Upload feature replaces FTP uploads. The option to upload using FTP has been discontinued.

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