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To ingest a track , you call the API endpoint: /api/v1/import/upload

The response is a JSON string:


"status": true,

"data": {

"upload_id": 11,

"status": "uploaded"


"count": 0,

"message": "Import data success",

"errors": []

Tracks are processed asynchronously.
There are two ways to tell if we have successfully processed a track.
1.) Webhooks
Specify the hook_url field in the request. The processing pipeline will call this URL once it processes the track.

2.) Status query

You can call the /api/v1/import/list?upload_id= endpoint and check if ingest_id is not null.  If ingest_id is null, the track is still pending processing. Iflast_error is not null, there was an error processing the track and last_error will contain the error message.



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