"Not all filenames were mapped" error

Problem: When I click "Select Folder" and select the "master folder" with my new music files, I get the error "Not all filenames were mapped". What does that mean ?

Answer: The number of rows in your tab delimited text file is different from the number of .wav files in your "master folder". There are either too many or too few .wav files in the folder (and sub folders) you have selected.


The Encoder expects audio files and text metadata to be prepared 100%. If the Encoder encounters any error, it will abort. If your text metadata, cover art and audio files are not organized properly with an audio asset management software you may want to consider purchasing our NetMix PRO software. The NetMix PRO software is also capable of encoding your audio files with NetMix compatible metadata (Open-XML format).

Common Causes

  1. The filename in the column "Filename" does not have a .wav suffix. In contrary to the NetMix Encoder documentation the filename in your tab delimited file must a .wav suffix. E.g.: FCM_12_34_RockeMe.wav
  2. Your metadata contains a line delimiter like enter or return (chr(13) or chr(10)) in a field. We see this quite often in the "Lyrics" and "Description" column. Open your tab delimited file in Excel and replace the line delimiter in cells: How to remove all returns and tabs using an Excel macro - Read More...
  3. Your master folder contains e.g. 120 .wav files but your tab delimited text file contains only 105 lines (rows) e.g. If you master folder has 120 .wav files the tab delimited file must have 121 lines (rows): First line(row) is the header row, 120 lines (rows) are the metadata for the 120 wav files
  4. More common causes are listed here: https://cndmusictracker.zendesk.com/entries/21856961
  5. Filenames should not contain a comma: example: SL_097_111_Bonjour,_Ladies.wav should be named SL_097_111_Bonjour_Ladies.wav instead. The reason is that Excel will put such a filename in quotes "SL_097_111_Bonjour,_Ladies.wav" when exporting to a TAB delimited text file - this will cause the NetMix Encoder to not map the file.
  6. The tab delimited text file with the metadata is stored inside a folder with .wav files. You must not store the tab delimited text file in a folder with .wav files. Otherwise the NetMix Encoder will display an error.


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