What does 'Tracks are not NetMix encoded' mean ?

Reporting to the PRO's

In order for your tracks to be reported correctly to the PRO's we must have a minimum of information like Title, Composer, Publisher etc.

This information (aka "metadata") must be stored in the .wav files before you upload new tracks to our server. 

What does 'NetMix encoded' mean ?

The metadata is stored in the .wav file using an industry standard and open source XML format called "oXML" ('open XML'). Click here Understanding the oXML open XML chunk

We refer to these files as "NetMix encoded" tracks/files, where the metadata and cover art is embedded/stored in the .wav files. The concept is similar to the ID3 tags found in .mp3 files.

You can 

  1. use software tools from CND to embed the metadata and cover art in the .wav file in NetMix compatible format
  2. use 3rd party software tools that supports the industry standard oXML
  3. write your own software tools in PHP, C++, .NET and many more

CND currently provides 2 software tools:

  1. 'NetMix Encoder' , a free product, available for Mac and PC Learn more
  2. 'NetMix PRO', a commercial, professional sound library management product, available for Mac and PC

I see a "Warning" message in the tab 'Uploaded' !?

On July 23 2015 we upgraded the CND Music Tracker portal. The TAB "Uploaded" now displays if a track is NetMix encoded or not and also displays a warning message with the total number of tracks, that are not NetMix encoded.


Do I have to fix this issue ?

It's up to you :) Tracks that are not NetMix Encoded will not be delivered and not ingested into the "NetMix Enterprise System for Music Search".

Note: The warning message in the CND Music Tracker portal is only displayed for tracks uploaded within the last 30 days. After 30 days the message is not displayed any longer.

How do I fix it ?

Prepare problematic tracks using the CND software tools e.g. and upload the tracks to our server again.

In order to get a list of files that are not NetMix encoded click the button "Download list of files" in the TAB 'Uploaded'. Your browser will download a text file with a list of filenames that are not NetMix encoded.


You do not have to delete the non-NetMix encoded tracks from our server - they will be removed automatically.

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