How do I remove a track ?

How do I remove a track ?

You can easily remove/disable one or multiple tracks:

Open in your browser and login.


Click on the tab Tracks Online.


You can search by Label, Disc, Title and/or Filename. Enter the search terms and press return or click on the search icon to start the search. You can sort the results by clicking on the column headers.



Click on the track you want to disable and click Disable Selected

That's it !!! The selected tracks are now disabled and will automatically be removed from all CND NetMix Systems that are connected to the CND Music Tracker service.


Tips for Selecting tracks:

  • You can select all found tracks on the page by clicking Select All
  • You can select multiple tracks by selecting the first track, press and hold the SHIFT key and click on the last track.
  • You can make a non-continuous selection using the command (OS X) key or Ctrl key (Windows) instead of the SHIFT key.
  • You can only select multiple rows on the same page


Tips for Searching:

The search engine automatically searches in multiple fields: Label, Disc, Title and/or Filename.

Boolean AND

Multiple keywords are searched for using a boolean AND search. If you enter apm 0121 pace of time the Music Tracker searches for apm AND 0121 AND pace AND of AND time in the fields Label, Disc, Title and Filename simultaneously.

Wildcard *

You can use the * [asterisk character] to perform a wildcard search.

Example 1: Entering apm_apmc_0116* searches a word starting with apm_apmc_0116 :



Example 2: Entering left* tan* searches for words starting with lef AND words starting with tan and finds e.g. the Title  Left Foot Tango :





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