Edit Metadata - How to

In order to edit/change metadata for tracks already uploaded and ingested follow this guide.


You download an Excel spreadsheet, edit the metadata and return the Excel file to CND.

1. Download the Excel spreadsheet:

  • Login to www.cndmusictracker.com
  • Click on the tab "My Account"
  • Click on the link "Download Excel file with all metadata"

2. Edit the Excel spreadsheet:

  • Open the .xlsx file in Excel
  • Do not change Column A (RecID) - this is the identifier for the cue in the CND system !
  • Do not change the first row - these are the column titles !
  • Edit the metadata and save the Excel file

To speed up the process you can use scripts or formulas in Excel e.g.


3. Return the Excel file:

  • Email the  edited .xlsx to support @ creativenetworkdesign.com 


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